A Weekend in the Windy City…

One great thing to look forward to when working in the States is the long holiday weekends. A friend and I decided to spend our Labor Day weekend venturing out of town and picked Chicago! I hadn’t gone to Chicago since I was a kid – I wasn’t sure if it was everything I had remembered it to be but I did know that I was definitely too young to truly appreciate a place at that age. I’ve always been bi-coastal, spending long weekends in Los Angeles or San Francisco if I wanted to leave NYC for a few days, but never really ventured anywhere in the middle, which is why Chicago sounded perfect!

3 nights in Chicago
821 South Carpenter Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Total: $458.36 (for 2 people)
Total per person: $229.18

We spent around three days in Chicago – part of which was actually spent in Wilmette to check out the Bahá’í House of Worship (it’s an incredible temple). Chicago’s food scene has also been highly elevated thanks to a few Michelin-starred restaurants and now known to be the home to one of the best burgers in America. It’s basically a mini-NYC!

I broke down our trip into the following:

There were a few things on the list that we never got a chance to check out that are highly recommended:

  • Stony Island Arts Bank – a vacant deteriorating bank that has now been converted into a library/art gallery
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Au Cheval – hailed as the best burger joint in Chicago
  • Girl and the Goat – arguably one of the best restaurants in the city
  • Lou Malnatti’s – one of the iconic deep dish pizza joints in the city and constantly compared to Giordano’s
  • Giordano’s – one of the iconic deep dish pizza joints in the city and constantly compared to Lou Malnatti’s
  • Portillo’s – one of the iconic Chicago dog joints

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