Day 3 Itinerary

Our last day in Chicago! Because we had such an early start for our first two days, we ended up sleeping in on our last day and began the day with brunch! We went to the Allis which operates both as a social space as well as a restaurant and cocktail lounge. Their brunch menu is pretty standard fare but what I was really interested in was their afternoon tea. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the appetite to sit through tea so we just stuck with brunch. It’s a really cute space and great for also grabbing juicers and hanging out in the lounge area.

Right across the street from the Allis is Sawada Coffee so we grabbed a latte before heading out to explore the city sights. I don’t particularly find Chicago to be an interesting city to look at for the most part but we managed to see the “Corn Towers”, which I think is a parking structure that look like cobs of corn at night, the famous river (dyed green every St. Paddy’s Day), and a really pretty church.

Sadly due to the timing of our flight, we couldn’t stay out too late. We ended up rounding out our afternoon with ice cream before heading out to the airport because nothing ends the day like refreshing ice cream on a hot summer’s day!

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