Exploring Rome

I arrived to Rome first (Sam was estimated to arrive closer to 18:00). There were several ways to get to the main train station in Rome (Roma Termini) and I decided to just take the airport bus since it was cheap and our Airbnb was located just a few blocks from the station. The airport bus takes you directly to Roma Termini in approximately 40 minutes and it only costs €4. The other alternative is to take a (white) cab and while it is quicker, it will cost €30 one-way. A side note: One thing I learned was that “arcade” means “arches”. I was a little confused with the directions due to that minor misunderstanding and ended up wandering around a bit.

Two nights in Rome
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 3°PIANO
Roma, Lazio 00185, Italy
Total: $116 (for 2 people)
Total per person: $58

Once I figured out how to get to our accommodations, it was smooth sailing from there. Our Airbnb was a private room but for roughly $40 a night, it was a really great bargain! It was only a 20 minute walk to the Colosseum (Colosseo) and was within walking distance to various iconic monuments in Rome.

One-way: €1,50
Each ride is valid for 100 minutes
7-day pass: €24

Since Sam arrived around time for dinner, we went to the Jewish ghetto to grab dinner at Sora Margherita. It is an extremely cute with the menu written in colored marker on brown paper! Their menu was fairly simple and if you wanted to order pasta, they had a grid where you can choose the type of pasta noodle, sauce, and other toppings. This place is known for their cacio e pepe (a traditional Roman pasta dish of cheese and pepper) as well as their fried artichokes (carciofi alla guidia). I also recommend ordering their agnolotti. They take only cash and their prices are more than reasonable.

Vino is much cheaper than water (house wine is usually very good)

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