Final Day in Amsterdam!

My trip to Holland is ending and my friend Sam pretty much jam-packed it with the best things: taking me on another boat ride in The Waverly, eating brunch at Staring at Jacob’s, going to the rooftop bar at SkyLounge Amsterdam for last drinks watching the sun set over the city, and seeing a live sex show in the Red Light District! Like I said – pretty packed.

I honestly think that if Copenhagen weren’t my dream city, Amsterdam came in as a close second. It’s such an interesting city with the construction of its canals, the architecture, the fact that there are literally more bicycles than there are people – it’s really just amazing! I was really so grateful to Sam for hosting me for an entire week and taking me around her city.

So during my stay there, fried chicken was a recurring theme. So, of course, our final brunch was at a cute restaurant called Staring at Jacob. I did order two entrees for myself because I wanted both a sweet and savory dish. And yes, I did eat them all. You can find the menu for brunch here. Don’t forget to order their fried chicken!

Another place on my list for Amsterdam was the SkyLounge Amsterdam, which is located on the top floor of the DoubleTree hotel by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal. It’s the perfect place to watch the sun set over the city and enjoying awesome drinks and food. You can see the menu for the rooftop bar here. It’s best to arrive there closer to 17:00 so that you are able to get a table.


If you’re part of a stag/hen party and your entire party dresses up (eg. Oompa Loompas), you can access the live sex show free of charge!

My final act of the night was to check out the Red Light District! Sam actually ended up taking me to Casa Rosso, one of the main live sex shows in the Red Light District. It was an interesting process – they have several houses on the street and you just enter whichever number is on your ticket. The ticket allows you access for about one hour but no one actively checks to see how long you’ve been there. The acts do get repetitive after an hour though so people usually do leave around that mark.

Casa Rosso Entrance Fee: €40


I was actually surprised by the show. I initially expected it to be some dingy, old place filled with perverted, old men jacking off for an hour but these shows are actually tailored more towards tourists. There were stag and hen parties present, some of which were dressed up in themes, and groups of friends and even some couples! They made it quite entertaining so I would actually recommend everyone to go just once, as a novelty like I did.

I really had an amazing time exploring Holland – especially Amsterdam! I hope to come back soon since I made some amazing friends while I was over there!



  • De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam: Get their truffle cheese baguette and gouda
  • Manneken Pis: Patatje oorlog known as traditional fries (mayo, curry, onions)
  • Vlaams Friethuis: Known for authentic fries (with spicy mayo)
  • Volendammer Vishandel Molenaar: Fish shop for broodje haring (raw herring) which is supposed to be eaten by holding it by the tail and dunk into mouth. You can also order kibbeling and lekkerbek (fried/battered fish)
  • FEBO vending machines: These are all over town and you must eat kroket. They’re automats where you put in coins and can get hot food!
  • Walem: Known for sandwiches

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