Sentiero Degli Dei

In Amalfi, there is a hiking trail called “Sentiero Degli Dei”, otherwise known as “Path of the Gods”. It’s roughly a 3-hr hike that spans back to Positano and has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Amalfi Coast. You have to take the SITA bus to Amalfi and transfer to another local bus that stops by Bomerano. You can just ask the bus driver which bus has that stop if you get lost. Prior to this trip, I had made reservations for a private guided hike with a woman named Lucy who has several excursions that she provides on her site. The hike included a picnic with local products (like the best fiordilatte in Agerola). However, it started to rain early on in the morning and she cancelled our reservation for our safety. The rain ended up clearing up around 10:00, though, so we decided to do the hike anyway.

Cost: €55 per person
Two options: 07:00 or 09:00
Reservations required
Cash only
You can book the private hike with the picnic here

It’s pretty easy to get to Bomerano and once we got there, we stopped by the Salumeria to pick up some focaccia and fiordilatte as snacks for our hike. Fiordilatte is a type of semi-soft fresh mozzarrella cheese (and is an amazing gelato flavor!). Agerola (where Bomerano is located) is known as “the small Switzerland” due to the beautiful mountain landscape and is famous for its fiordilatte. After grabbing some snacks, we followed the road signs that took you to the beginning of the hike. The path is marked by white and red signs with “02” written on them. During the hike, there was a fork in the road where you could go left or right. The directions I had when we were hiking were a little unclear so we ended up taking the stairs down on the left and halfway through, realised that it was the mule’s path and was going the opposite direction! It was quite challenging to climb back up those steps as they were quite narrow and steep with mule poop all over the place!

Sentiero degli Dei Hike Duration: 3h


Eventually we got back on track and successfully finished the hike (there was also a stray cat that kept us company throughout the rest of the hike and wouldn’t stop rubbing itself against my leg!). At the end of the hike in Nocelle, there are stairs that take you to Arienzo where you can catch the SITA bus back to Positano (300 steps further and you can also take a quick dip at Arienzo beach).

TIP #2:
Nocelle to Arienzo: 1,500 steps

While we were walking down the stairs, we ran into a dad with two boys who were racing up those steps and the dad joked that he was to training his kids by making them walk up the entire way! We managed to get on the SITA bus and went back to Bar Internazionale where we finished up our snacks and got some hot drinks as we hiked in the misty rain. I still wanted to check out more beaches so I convinced my sister to take the bus to Praiano and try to find this beach that was on my list: Gavitella Beach. However, I’m not sure what beach we ended up at – we did get to a beach but it was definitely not the right one since it was missing the 413 steps leading down to the water. It was pretty sketchy going back since we had no WiFi and I had no idea where the bus schedule was. I would definitely recommend not walking along the road late at night alone since it was pretty scary and I started getting paranoid. We found a hotel that had a visible bus stop sign and eventually got back in one piece!

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