Sorrento and Capri

We woke up a little early to take the SITA bus to Sorrento to take the ferry to Capri. You can purchase bus tickets directly at Bar Internazionale in cash. The grandpa that owns the bar has a gruff exterior but he really looks after you and does worry after you if he thinks you’re doing something unsafe (like when we decided to hike in the rain). This particular area is also a free WiFi zone! When we got to Sorrento, we took the regular ferry to Capri.

High Speed Ferry One-Way: €22,50
Duration: 50min
Regular Ferry One-Way: €20
Duration: 1h


Once you’re there, you can take the funiculare (cable car) to Anacapri to get an incredible aerial view of the island! It’s so cheap and totally worth it for the photos! It’s definitely not for people who have an extreme fear of heights so I’m putting a disclaimer for that right here.

TIP #1:
Funiculare Ticket: €1,80

After exploring Capri, there were these two Italian men who had a boat tour and gave us a huge discount of €35 for two people. I guess they saw my sister’s shoulder and felt bad! It actually started raining when we were on the boat tour around the island of Capri but it created this interesting yellow light on the horizon, which made for a great photo.


One major attraction in Capri is La Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto). It’s pretty much like a small portal to another world! You take a small boat to the cave and the water is this crystalline blue color with silver reflections. The entrance fee is €4 and you do need to take the boat to the cave, which is €10 (hence the €14 price). If you’re lucky and have a really nice skipper, sometimes they let you slip into the water in the grotto. You might have a chance if you ask nicely!

TIP #2:
Blue Grotto Entrance Fee: €14
Blue Grotto for EU Citizens: €10


After the boat ride and the grotto, we just wandered around the island before taking the ferry back to Sorrento. Unfortunately, when we got back to Sorrento, I had wanted to shop a little bit and caused us to miss the last SITA bus to Positano. Luckily there were a bunch of taxis available but it cost us €60. Lesson learned!

Cab fare from Sorrento to Positano: €60
Cash only

3 thoughts on “Sorrento and Capri

  1. Ah jealous you got to see the blue grotto! Actually, when I was there we were given the option but already had the day scheduled in Capri. Loved the photos! Brings back happy memories =)


  2. I’m so glad I found your website!! My husband and I are planning a trip to Sorrento and Capri and this itinerary has been the best one we’ve found! It’s so detailed and it has all the prices!! Super helpful!! Thank you!!


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